Sunday, 17 May 2009

an alternative

Met Loic Le Meur tonight who says try as an alternative to tweetdeck. Let me know your thoughts.


  1. Not used it in anger, so to speak, but I think I prefer the cleaner interface of TweetDeck as well as the more intuitive (IMO) layout.

    As a netbook user (max resolution 1024 x 600) TweetDeck is much better suited (can see more on screen).

  2. Hmm, tried seesmic but just can't get to grips with it... the interface (IMO) is just not intuitive enough... I'll be sticking with Tweetdeck.


  3. I use's Twhirl on my netbook (1024x600). A luvverly, unintrusive interface, with customisable GUI and tweet alerts.

    Try it.

  4. And I use blu which is in my opinion far better than TweetDeck because you can do the same things in a one column view. See your friends tweets,RT,DM's and your replies. If you are using XP,Vista or Windows 7 try blu. Want to post a pic to Twitpic? Just drag and drop onto blu and voila! Easy peasy!